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Enforcing Application Entitlement with FSLogix Apps

At the heart of enterprise computing and user productivity is on-demand access to mission critical business applications.  As applications are being deployed beyond local desktops, to new technologies like Virtual desktops, and Cloud Based desktops, IT administrators need a solution to provision applications across all their critical infrastructure while ensuring business and licensing compliance.  Traditional PC-based products developed for provisioning applications in conventional, internal enterprise, client-server models introduce tremendous overhead to VDI and cloud computing.  Administrators need purpose built tools, designed with current modern technology, in order to reduce operational complexity, ensure uptime and compliance, and maximize ROI.


FSLogix Apps is designed with your future infrastructure in mind, to support local, hybrid, or full cloud desktops, providing a simple and elegant solution to provision applications, add-ons and plugins across your entire Windows infrastructure, for every user, throughout your global operations or your local offices.

The Benefits of Image Masking for Provisioning and Enforcement

FSLogix Apps uses patent-pending technology for Image Masking, which determines the specific components made accessible to the workspace.  This design allows administrators to build Unified Base Images, containing all applications and components required for a site, department, or workgroup in a single gold image.  Image Masking works with Active Directory to allow pass through of authorized applications to a user workspace, creating fully customized, role specific environments in real time.


Recognized by leading software vendors like Microsoft® and Citrix® for solutions that enforce both user and device based software license control, FSLogix Apps provides a single method to provision applications across all your Windows™ infrastructure while maintaining compliance and optimizing for your company’s licensing agreements.


Benefits and Capabilities


  • Enforce licensing, ensure compliance, maximize ROI
  • More secure than White Listing
  • Realtime (hot) provisioning of applications, plugins and add-ons
  • Web based reports console to verify assignments
  • Ensure assignments of correct application versions
  • Better ROI and lower TCO in VDI, RDSH, and PCs
  • Use Active Directory containers, no third party database required
  • Granular Ruleset capability for fine-tuning provisioning
  • Allow access based on user, group, machine and location


Real Time versus Just In Time

Older layering technologies that deliver on-demand or just-in-time computing environments are based on outdated premises, that disk space is a limited and expensive commodity, and that most applications create conflict when installed together.  Layering means a single image must be broken into many multiple components, all stored in separate database or delivery systems.  Quite often, each application will need to be repackaged in a proprietary packaging format, or packaged in a ‘bubble’ with other required components.  This increases risk and complexity in your mission-critical enterprise environment. 

Working toward a unified single image approach eliminates these risks and operational overhead, allowing applications to be packaged, installed, and used as intended by their developers.  Single image means one place to manage, one place patch, one place to secure, image masking means infinitely customizable workspaces for your enterprise users.

Do you manage more "golden images" than you would like to?
Would you like to use one image and control application visibility based on username, group membership or device? 


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