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Seamless network scanning 

Incompatible scanner drivers, unsupported drivers and applications, constant software upgrades, and time consuming workarounds are a few of the common and aggravating issues that may arise when users scan documents in their server-based, virtual, or workstation environment. Tricerat Simplify Scanning is the cost efficient solution to take scanning off your list of IT headaches.

How it Works

Simplify Scanning™ uses a universal "virtual" driver on the Citrix server or ICA/RDP connection that queries local scanners for their capabilities such as resolution and supported paper sizes, forwarding them to be virtualized on the remote server or virtual desktop. This increases application compatibility by creating a single point of compatibility with the Tricerat virtual scanner driver. No more crazy workarounds, just scanning on demand.


For scanning client software downloads only, please click here.  
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  • Supports TWAIN and WIA protocols on client.
  • Supports as a TWAIN data source on server.
  • Supports all-in-one machines
  • Supports 32- and 64-bit, including mixed environments
  • Multiple client-side scanner support
  • Compresses files



  • Eliminates scanner driver management on server
  • Provides server administrator control for optimized network usage
  • 5 times faster scanning
  • Uploads images directly to document management applications
  • Enables full fidelity scanning
  • Secures scanner access on multi-user systems


Supported environments

  • Citrix
  • Microsoft
  • VMware
  • Workstations


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