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Print Management Software from Plus Technologies

Print management and output management can impact business processes, attract labor cost, increase support workloads, jeopardize compliance, and risk privacy. At Plus Technologies we understand these print/output problems can be as individual as your organization. That is why our focus is to listen to our customers and use our years of experience and expertise in print management software to create superior solutions for our customers.

Our print management software products make our customer’s core business applications more efficient, more functional, and easier to manage.  We ensure that business functions relying on print are not impacted by poor or limited print performance.  Plus Technologies’ print management software suite includes OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM), OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM), and OM Plus Report Manager (RM).

The OM Plus suite provides advanced print spooling, printer fleet management , electronic report management, format transforms, print queue management, smartphone printing, secure print release, RFID printing and more.  Based on the needs of our customers, Plus Technologies is able to combine standard OM Plus components to create specific print management software solutions that solve our customer's print problems and improve their operations. In addition, Plus Technologies provides implementation, and training services that enable us to provide world class, replicable, fully supported solutions. 

 Customers typically use our solutions for:

Deliverying print management software since 1994, Plus Technologies® currently has thousands of satisfied customers using our output management software and solutions in more than 30 countries all around the world. Our client roster includes a number of highly successful Fortune 500 companies that rely on our products on a daily basis.



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