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Would you like to print from any device to any printer, without admin support?

Now there is a simple solution that provides users trouble-free printing from any PC, Mac, virtual desktop, or mobile device to any printer whether they are in the office, at home, or on the road. With Simplify Printing TX, you can relax and feel confident knowing you've brought users' printing environment under control without hours of printer driver management and user configuration. Finally, end users can set up, share, and print where, when, and how they need to without you holding their hand.


Tricerat has been working with driver free printing since 1999 and was the innovators of ScrewDrivers and Simplify Printing that are still on the market today. Having done this, they took a step back and looked at what they learned over the years and what could have been improved. The outcome of this work is Simplify PrintingTX or Project Torx.


The Challenge - We understand your agony

Infinite combinations

  • Dozens of printer brands, thousands of models.
  • Printer Drivers are problematic, hard to distribute and keep up to date.
  • Numerous client devices and platforms.


Powerful new environments lead to complexity

  • BYOD and BYOP headaches.
  • Remote printing issues.
  • Mobile printing compatibility (AirPrint, etc).

Current solutions are incomplete

  • Dealing with multiple vendors.
  • Each solution has no knowledge of the others.
  • Users are confused and can’t get their job done.
  • Help Desk and IT Admins are overloaded and can’t address all the needs.



Use Cases

  • Get the right printers to the right people.
  • Discover printers based on location
  • Print from a guest network to the corporate printers
  • Find a nearby printer to use from my Windows device, and set it up without having to download drivers

Print from mobile devices

  • Print from an iOS device to a non-AirPrint printer.
  • Restrict AirPrint to specific client devices (enterprise class AirPrint, minimal traffic).
  • Print using the iOS print function

User friendly

  • Uses the mechanics of social networking.
  • Subscribe/Follow printers that you need to access. Same printers everywhere.
  • Friend other users with whom you want to share printers or print jobs with.
  • Location-aware for intelligent printer selection and discovery. 

A single, easy to use App

  • Identify printers in our App, but still Print from the business App.
  • Available on all major platforms 

Seamless User Experience

  • Subscribe to a printer once, and it will be available to all of your devices/apps.
  • Simplify Printing TXt handles all of the printer setup and driver management in the background.


The Admins are in control…but users have the power of self-service

  • Force (assign) printer subscriptions to users by location, name, type, etc..
  • Configure security on the printers to restrict access


Printer driver management

  • Use ScrewDrivers® technology to ease driver management.
  • Central printer driver database.


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